1st September 2023

Andy Partridge Popartery (book)

Well, you asked for it, so here it comes. Pre order for release on 22-9-23.

A deluxe 122 page book collecting 56 unique paintings by Andy Partridge that offer visual interpretations of XTC songs.

Every painting comes with Andy's personal observations and comments.

Printed on high quality 200gsm paper and issued as a limited edition of 2000 hardcover books with a linen finish, Popartery is exclusively available from the Burning Shed hosted APE HOUSE store.

Each copy includes a numbered bookplate, signed by Andy Partridge. The book also includes an intro by AP and an outro by fellow artist and collaborator, Andrew Swainson.

1st September 2023

Andy Partridge My Failed Songwriting Career

Here on vinyl and CD, is a great selection of Andy songs, written for other artists. Across three volumes containing four tracks each (EPs), you'll hear Andy's take on Macca-esque pop, lounge swing, chugging rock and an ethereal stellar ballad. I wonder who they were written for? Let's face it, these songs would have been covered by XTC if they were still active.

Also check out a volume called MY FAILED CHRISTMAS CAREER. You guessed it, four seasonal numbers written for others. Sleigh bell-tastic.

Don't delay, there are no plans to combine these discs together. Get them while you can.

1st September 2023

XTC. Mummer

This pastoral and bucolic album is back again. Ready to share it's aural fruits with you, via a great sounding new cut from one of the UK's top mastering engineers, Jason Mitchell.

Such XTC favourites as Love On a Farmboy's Wages, Wonderland and Great Fire, spring warm and alive from the grooves of this 200 gram vinyl delight.

The original song order is retained along with the intended original cover, which was censored by Virgin Records. Here it is, how it should have looked and sounded.

1st September 2023

XTC The Big Express

It's big, it's brash, it's iron, steel and brass. Yes, XTC's 1984 monster massive steam train is back on track, and on vinyl.

200 gram vinyl to be exact, with a marvelous new and alive cut by Loud Mastering's Jason Mitchell, don't miss out, hop onboard their homage to Swindon life.

10th October 2018


Newly mastered from the original stereo mix tapes, these three classic XTC albums are available again, but now in 200 gram vinyl form.

The critically lauded SKYLARKING, APPLE VENUS (volume 1) and WASP STAR (Apple Venus volume 2) are awaiting your ears.

Each with their complete running orders on 1 disc, the polarity corrected SKYLARKING sounds gorgeous and warm.

AV1 has all it's orchestral and acoustic punch corralled into 1 platter, likewise WASP STAR, with it's slicing electric guitars.

Cut by masterer Jason Mitchell at the world famous Loud Studios in the UK, everybody is saying how beautiful on the ears these sets are. Treat yourself, or a friend, today.

29th September 2017

BLACK SEA now in 5.1


Featuring new stereo mixes on CD & in Hi-Res Stereo & Surround mixes on Blu-Ray.

Mixed by Steven Wilson from the original multi-track tapes & approved by Andy Partridge.

Expanded booklet including new sleevenotes by Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory, Terry Chambers, Steve Lillywhite & Hugh Padgham.

Blu-Ray also features a host of extras including: Original stereo mix & bonus tracks, additional songs from the album sessions in stereo & 5.1, 2017 instrumental mixes, many album tracks in demo form, the post-album single Take This Town from the soundtrack of the Times Square film, unissued single versions, mixes, additional tracks from singles of the period, solo demos by Andy Partridge & videos for Towers Of London, Generals & Majors & Respectable Street.

8th March 2017


Yes, it's back. A standard CD reissue of the anything but standard POWERS by Andy Partridge. An immersive album of sculptural soundscapes inspired by the sci fi art of Richard M Powers. Also contains new essay by Andy and booklet art by Andrew Swainson.

Order now for April 21st release and astral travel all you want.

3rd December 2016


We've printed another run of some old favourite XTC shirts, ENGLISH SETTLEMENT, SENSES WORKING OVERTIME, ORANGES AND LEMONS etc. Plus, we've added some lovely new designs to please your eyes and torsos. 3D EP, NONSUCH, THE DUKES and a bold XTC original 70's logo in black and white.

Punish those piggy banks.

17th October 2016


It's here,the one you've been hankering for. Steven Wilson produced these mixes with the input of founder band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band. This cd/blu-ray edition is presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding and Dave Gregory.

Help with adjusting your player settings, if necessary, can be found here.

This is what's inside the set:

  • CD features the 2016 Steven Wilson stereo album mix plus four bonus tracks mixed by Steven Wilson.

Blu-ray features:

  • A 5.1 Surround mix in 24bit/96khz mixed from the original multi-track tapes available in LPCM and DTS HD MA.
  • The 2016 stereo album mix in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio.
  • Four additional songs from the album sessions in stereo and 5.1 mixed by Steven Wilson.
  • The original (uncorrected polarity) stereo album mix in hi-res stereo, plus 1 non-album track.
  • The original (corrected polarity) stereo album mix in hi-res stereo.
  • Instrumental versions (mixed by Steven Wilson) of all 2016 mixes in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio.
  • A complete alternate album in demo form (as per Todd Rundgren's original suggested running order based on the demo recordings).
  • Numerous additional demo and work tape sessions showing the evolution of the album and associated recordings.
  • Promo films for Dear God and Grass.

Treat yourself, or someone you love.

10th June 2016


They're here on vinyl and both sets sound stunning. That's right, these two classic XTC titles are released in slipcase box sleeves, both cut by the Michelangelo of mastering, John Dent. Here's what's included in each set...

  • Both are classic XTC titles.
  • Both sets have 2 x 200gram heavyweight vinyl discs.
  • Both sets each have a 12" 24 page booklet, with photos, song notes and other info by the band members.
  • Each has lyric sheets.

SKYLARKING vinyl is cut from the corrected polarity half inch master tapes, with a CD from the same corrected source included in the set. ENGLISH SETTLEMENT vinyl is newly mastered from original half inch master tapes, with a CD from the same source included in the set. Both sets will come in a very sturdy slipcase box.

They sound wonderful folks. Treat yourself, or a friend to both. Don't delay, order now for July 15th release.

22nd Feburary 2016

Roll over for more pictures!


Previously issued as 8 full-priced discs with the 9th disc (Hinges) only released as part of a limited edition boxed set, the Fuzzy Warbles series are now available as an affordable collection of three triple CD sets.

Fuzzy Warbles is Andy Partridge's selection of demos through the ages, including songs that were later recorded by XTC, some that were intended for XTC, some that were written with other artists in mind, and some that just didn't fit anywhere else.

Irrespective of intent while writing, the three sets are full to the brim with hummable tunes, insightful lyrics and (for demos), neat arrangements from one of the finest songwriters of his (or any other) generation. {I didn't write that bit : Andy}

Volumes 7 and 8 plus Hinges. Quality, at an irresistible price.

Pre-order for April 1st release.

10th August 2015


Pre order now. The 16th of October will see the release of ORANGES AND LEMONS, the third in a series of remixed and expanded XTC classics. The album has been mixed from the original studio recording by Steven Wilson, with input from Andy. The CD has a completely new stereo mix and there are many extras on the Blu-ray.

Surround mix, new stereo mix, instrumental mix, flat transfer of original album, two sets of demo and work tapes with associated recordings, pre recording rehearsals,promo and ID work and extended mixes.

Add to that the associated video films and a booklet fat with notes from Andy, Colin and Dave. Phew!! It's a box set on a single disc! Don't delay.

10th June 2015


They're back in print on APE after all this time.

Standard edition CD's of the last two magical releases by XTC, APPLE VENUS and WASPSTAR. The former, a deep and sonically beautiful orchestral and acoustic based collection that garnered unanimously positive praise from all over the world.

The latter a neon blast of an electric guitar record, showcasing the compact and bold pop side of the band.

Head over to the shop and treat yourself.

Hover over the image to see both designs.

28th April 2015


Spring is in the air and we bring you a couple of new T shirt designs of your favourite band to show to the world.

Here, for your sartorial improvement, the sleeve picture shirt of the ORANGES AND LEMONS album. This mischievous pop art scene was inspired by Milton Glaser, Alan Aldridge and Heinz Edelmann.

The other T to titivate is a reproduction of the MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL single bag.

You know you want at least one of each,so over to the boutique with you. Suits you sir!

Hover over the image to see both designs.

27th October 2014


Pre order today for the release on Oct. 27th of the acclaimed XTC album DRUMS AND WIRES, remixed in surround sound.Steven Wilson has done a wonderful job with it's tribal thump and twang,putting it into an enveloping three dimensional world.Choose from two formats,BluRay or DVD-A, and immerse yourself.

There is also a feast of extras to be had,band demos,rehearsals and promo videos to name but a few.Three band members,Andy Partridge,Dave Gregory and Colin Moulding contribute many notes on the writing and recording process,and those who pre order from this site will receive an album sleeve postcard signed by Andy.

Don't delay friends.

8th March 2014


Pre order today for April 14th release. SKYLARKING, one of XTCs best loved albums, now comes with historic audio problems corrected. This disc lets the music sound just like it did in Todd Rundgren's studio, and it's on CD for the first time. Here is a major leap ahead sonically, over any edition issued previously and is a treat to hear. Both DEAR GOD and MERMAID SMILED are restored to their original positions in the running order too.

Mastering engineer John Dent is the man who identified the reversed polarity issue and has now corrected it for this very special edition. Also reinstated is the original artwork,suppressed by Virgin at the time.

Click SHOP and head over.

7th October 2013


Pre-order now the classic XTC album NONSUCH in a glorious 5.1 surround mix by the renowned Steven Wilson. Available in two formats, Bluray and DVDA, each set comes also with standard CD. This is the first projected release of the entire XTC catalogue mixed for surround. Finally, you can be inside the music.

As well as the 5.1 mix, NONSUCH also comes with a wealth of audio and visual extras such as all demos, studio film footage, hi-res audio new stereo and instrumental mixes and copious notes from all XTC members. Make sure you place your order now for the projected October 7th release.

22nd October 2012


Available to order now, the wonderful new collaboration between Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge. Entitled GONWARDS and released through Ape House, this set will be available as a regular gatefold pack CD, download or limited edition box set {with CD, DVDA, booklet, signed certificate and card game drawn by Peter} on October the 22nd.

The box set will only be available through the Ape shop or via Burning Shed. The standard CD will be available through all tasteful outlets. You can pre-order your preferred format directly from the Ape shop or via burningshed.com

21st August 2012

SACRED OBJECTS - A film by Stu Rowe and Andy Partridge

To help bring the Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge album GONWARDS to peoples attention the first of a series of films is up. This is for the track Sacred Objects where we are privileged to witness the final performance of Doctor Combusto.