XTC // The Dukes of Stratosphear

XTC were a band well known for expanding into new areas and making sonic leaps, so in the mid 80's when the fancy came over them to make some records that sounded like they they had come from 1967, they simply did just that. The added fun element being that they would release them under the pseudonym,THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR. XTC were going to party.
From the age of 13 frontman Andy Partridge had wanted to make psychedelic records just like the one he was hearing on the radio, and even after a gap of 18 years that desire still burned bright. Finding themselves with a few weeks on their hands and the services of legendary producer John Leckie, they set about the colourful task of working on a big thankyou to all the bands who made their school years sound so vibrant.
Under their 'nom-de-psyches' of Sir John Johns, Lord Cornelius Plum, Red Curtain and E.I.E.I.Owen they managed to summon up the spirits of Syds Pink Floyd, the Beatles, the Hollies, Move, Byrds, Prunes and a score of other 67 psyche artists SO CLOSELY that several reviewers have suggested that they bettered the originals! If your idea of a good sonic Xerox starts and ends with the Rutles, you'll need to think again. The Dukes are the most fun your ears can have.

Video // Mole from the Ministry

Podcast // Andy Partridge Chats With John Leckie



Ape re-issue in hardback book format with extra tracks and bonus videos