XTC Skylarking Vinyl Update
Date: 07/09/10
As I type XTC's classic album SKYLARKING is being test pressed for our approval and we are very excited for several reasons. During the course of this beautiful remastering job by legendary mastering engineer John Dent it was discovered that an error in the original mix chain had imparted all previous CD's and vinyls of the album with the unfortunate flaw of being out of polarity.In a nutshell this means that sounds that should have been pushing from your speakers where actually pulling them in to play out of the back more than the front!?!. John has thankfully corrected this undetected error and we can tell you that this stunning cut of the album is about 30% better sounding than any previously heard.

Not only that. We are spreading the album over two discs, why? Because it will sound much richer and warmer than cramming it on to one disc, as per the original. We are also cutting at 45 rpm and not 33rpm, why? Because this will make the high end clearer and smoother. This will sound like never before, we've heard it it and can attest to that fact. Also tracks that got lost in the shuffle between the UK and US versions will be reinstated, both Dear God and Mermaid Smiled are in their proper places at last.

There's more, ...we are packaging it in the original sleeve. No, that's not the last minute Virgin replacement, the only one you've known. This is THE ORIGINAL artwork that the band planned and Virgin banned. You'll be able to get a standard card gatefold double, or a deluxe version in a board book format with copious notes from Andy and Colin, original sketches, lyrics and photographs. The choice will be yours to suit your budget. These will be beautiful packages, the clothing this acknowledged all time great album deserves.

We'll keep you informed shortly as to release dates and ordering info. Stick around.




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