The Complete And Utter Dukes (LIMITED EDITION)
Date: 29/10/09
Christmas comes but once a year and when it does it brings good flying butter wardrobes covered in screaming jam, yes! its our psychedelic psaviours the Dukes of Stratosphear with a VERY limited edition of 'THE COMPLETE AND UTTER DUKES'.

Imagine if you can a purple velvet covered box filled with the 25 Oclock and Psonic Psunspot remastered albums pressed in pristine 180 gm vinyl and both living in beautiful strong gatefold sleeves. Nestling up to them will be the same two albums in their CD form, in sturdy colourful hardbook covers with all those out takes, demos,new notes and pics. Living upstairs from them will be an exclusive vinyl double A side 45 of Tin Toy Clockwork Train and The Affiliated in a lovealiscious bag. Not only that, but their natty neighbour will be a fiendish 500 piece psyche jigsaw of tantalising difficulty, and no help how to complete it, tee hee, {more of that later!}.
Wait, I know you're breathless but there's more. This beauteous bursting box will also have some Dukes Dollars, thats their own psychedelic scheckels, one of which can be returned for an exclusive DUKES T shirt in your size and in a design which will be unavailable anywhere else on planet Earth. If you order your box from the Ape store you can tell us which size T-shirt you'd like when you order and we will send it with your box. Phew! If you buy the box elsewhere then there is a special Dukes Dollar for you to send to us in exchange for the free shirt in your size.
Wait! you say, "I'd love this box of delights, but I already have the two CD albums". Have no fear intrepid listener for you'll be able to buy the box in several formats, WITH and WITHOUT the CD's included. This will mean you dont have to purchase anything you already have and thus suffer dreaded rippy-offy feelings. How do I get my hands on this veritable ark of the amazing you ask? Read on.

From the 3rd of November 2009 you'll be able to pre-order THE COMPLETE AND UTTER DUKES from this APE site, before its official release on the 23rd of November, ooooh! exciting. Heres how.

The Box and all its goodies WITHOUT the 25 O'clock and Psonic Psunspot CD's is - £49.35 ex VAT/£56.75 inc VAT
The complete box WITH the 25 O'clock and Psonic Psunspot CD's is - £68.45 ex VAT/£78.72 in VAT

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