27th October 2014


Pre order today for the release on Oct. 27th of the acclaimed XTC album DRUMS AND WIRES, remixed in surround sound.Steven Wilson has done a wonderful job with it's tribal thump and twang,putting it into an enveloping three dimensional world.Choose from two formats,BluRay or DVD-A, and immerse yourself.

There is also a feast of extras to be had,band demos,rehearsals and promo videos to name but a few.Three band members,Andy Partridge,Dave Gregory and Colin Moulding contribute many notes on the writing and recording process,and those who pre order from this site will receive an album sleeve postcard signed by Andy.

Don't delay friends.

8th March 2014


Pre order today for April 14th release. SKYLARKING, one of XTCs best loved albums, now comes with historic audio problems corrected. This disc lets the music sound just like it did in Todd Rundgren's studio, and it's on CD for the first time. Here is a major leap ahead sonically, over any edition issued previously and is a treat to hear. Both DEAR GOD and MERMAID SMILED are restored to their original positions in the running order too.

Mastering engineer John Dent is the man who identified the reversed polarity issue and has now corrected it for this very special edition. Also reinstated is the original artwork,suppressed by Virgin at the time.

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7th October 2013


Pre-order now the classic XTC album NONSUCH in a glorious 5.1 surround mix by the renowned Steven Wilson. Available in two formats, Bluray and DVDA, each set comes also with standard CD. This is the first projected release of the entire XTC catalogue mixed for surround. Finally, you can be inside the music.

As well as the 5.1 mix, NONSUCH also comes with a wealth of audio and visual extras such as all demos, studio film footage, hi-res audio new stereo and instrumental mixes and copious notes from all XTC members. Make sure you place your order now for the projected October 7th release.

22nd October 2012


Available to order now, the wonderful new collaboration between Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge. Entitled GONWARDS and released through Ape House, this set will be available as a regular gatefold pack CD, download or limited edition box set {with CD, DVDA, booklet, signed certificate and card game drawn by Peter} on October the 22nd.

The box set will only be available through the Ape shop or via Burning Shed. The standard CD will be available through all tasteful outlets. You can pre-order your preferred format directly from the Ape shop or via burningshed.com

21st August 2012

SACRED OBJECTS - A film by Stu Rowe and Andy Partridge

To help bring the Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge album GONWARDS to peoples attention the first of a series of films is up. This is for the track Sacred Objects where we are privileged to witness the final performance of Doctor Combusto.